Jonathan Delay, one of the child victims, calls for a boycott of the mini-fiction on the Outreau affair

Tuesday, January 24, 2023, France 2 airs the last two episodes of its docu-fiction The Outreau affair. They are followed by a debate with some of the protagonists. Jonathan Delay, one of the sons of Myriam Badaoui and Thierry Delay, calls for a boycott of the program in the columns of Parisian.

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“I gave almost nine hours of interview, of which the production kept three minutes”. Jonathan Delay is angry. The young man is one of the twelve minor victims of the terrible case of Outreau. He is one of the children of the couple formed by Myriam Badaoui and Thierry Delay, the main protagonists of this sordid news item. When he was contacted by France Télévisions to take part in the fictional documentary project The Outreau affair, he agreed to testify in front of the camera. But after watching the first episodes of the program France 2, Jonathan Delay sees red. Monday, January 23, 2023, on the eve of the broadcast of the last two episodesas well as a discussion on “the shattered lives of Outreau, a return to a judicial shipwreck”he wanted to express his dissatisfaction in the columns of the Parisian.

Jonathan Delay: “This documentary is infamous and completely biased”

At the end of the highly publicized Outreau trial, 13 of the 17 accused were acquitted by the courts. In the documentary by Agnès Pizzini and Olivier Ayache-Vidal, we give the floor to some of these key figures in the case. A little too much for Jonathan Delay’s taste. With our colleagues, he regrets that “92% of the time is devoted to the word of the innocent against only 8% to children, their defenders and social workers”. “This documentary is infamous and completely biased, it kicks open doors by disregarding the words of the children, twelve of whom have been recognized as victims of sexual abuse in this file”, he adds. He denounces a documentary which demonstrates a “total bias in favor of the acquitted”. However, as the victim recalls, some of them have again crossed the door of the courthouse, several years after being cleared in the Outreau affair. “These people have not been exonerated, they have been acquitted for some for the benefit of the doubt. By the way, it should be noted that one of the acquitted, Franck Lavier, is sent back to the criminal court for aggravated sexual assault on one of his daughters”he says. Feeling aggrieved by the documentary, Jonathan Delay calls for its boycott.

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Jonathan Delay: “I have rage”

Very active on social networks, the author of the book beyond irreparable (published February 24, 2021 by Louise Courteau) also regrets the image given to him in the program of France 2. “When you watch the show, it feels like I’m sorry I lied. […] But I didn’t lie, the children didn’t lie. […] I’m mad, I’m furious”he told the Parisian. And to add: “The rendering that was made is at odds with the commitment made by the production. It was taken out of context, overplayed and defamatory”. In view of his sanguine reaction to the rendering of the docu-fiction, there is little chance that Jonathan Delay will grace the production with his presence during the debate. His absence will no doubt be as noticeable as that ofanother protagonist who has been very discreet since the scandal prompted by his involvement in the case.

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