Johanna and Milo spent the night together (summary ahead of episode 1073)

Un Si Grand Soleil in advance with the detailed summary of episode 1073 of Wednesday January 25, 2023. In this new episode, while Charles is very remorseful, Claudine is not ready to let Johanna walk all over her. For his part, Enzo feels guilty.


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Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: Summary of the episode of January 25, 2023

Manu gets closer to the truth

Cécile has thought back to her little discussion with Christophe about the honeymoon they don’t want to take and calls her husband to suggest that he take Achille somewhere during the next school trips. Christophe finds his idea excellent, and suggests that his wife go to Chicago. It’s a nice town and they could take Achille to see NBA games. Cécile was thinking more of a fine sand beach and coconut palms. Christophe suggests that his wife ask Achille tonight what he thinks when he receives a double call. Manu needs to ask him a few questions, and he prefers to talk to him in person. He therefore asks Christophe to go to the police station, which he does.

Manu made him come about the Rostand affair. He needs his expertise. Manu would like to know if Darius was able to provoke the dog’s attack from a distance. Christophe explains to him that it is quite possible provided that Ziggy has been trained to react to an external stimulus. Moreover, he noticed that each time the dog found himself facing a stick, he became aggressive. Christophe thought he was afraid of him because he had been beaten. He finally wonders if the stick was not the stimulus in question, especially since waving a stick is a very commonplace gesture that masters do very often. Manu comes to the conclusion that even being absent, Darius may be responsible for Rostand’s death.

At the veterinary clinic, Charles is mad with worry, and he is relieved to see Christophe arrive. Charles thought something had happened to him. Christophe reassures him. He was at the police station, but it had nothing to do with them. Christophe explains to his trainee that the investigators believe that Darius fled after killing Ziggy’s trainer. But Charles is remorseful, because Darius died because of them. Christophe points out that Darius was a killer and was next on his list, but Charles can’t help but feel guilty. He wonders how Christophe can be so calm. Christophe explains to his young trainee that he clings to the idea that Darius will never again make innocent victims. Then, he assures Charles of his support.

Not far from there, in court, Sophie Guérin, the journalist, challenges Judge Laplace about Raphaëlle Gibert. The magistrate underlines that new elements made it possible to exonerate him and then takes refuge behind the secrecy of the instruction. But the journalist insists and points out that his silence could suggest that he is covering up a miscarriage of justice. The magistrate assures the journalist that this is not the case, then he pulls the cover to him. But this is not the feeling of Sophie Guérin who emphasizes that when justice is wrong, she must be held accountable, whether she likes it or not.

At the police station, Manu receives a call from Hugo. The blood found in Darius is his. Manu thinks Rostand’s associate was assaulted or killed in his home, which explains why they can’t find him.

Cécile and Christophe tell Achille about their idea of ​​a trip. The teenager is very keen to go diving and is convinced for a trip to Mauritius. The newlyweds receive Ludo and Margot for dinner. Away, Margot compliments Christophe on their marriage, she found them very beautiful. Christophe says he is lucky that Cécile has agreed to be his wife. During the evening, Cécile observes Achille and there is no doubt in her eyes that Christophe will become a real role model for the teenager.


Claudine experiences a new disappointment

The day before, during the evening organized by the law firm, Guilhem saw Claudine discussing with Milo Pelletier and he asks his colleague if Milo will entrust his interests to them. Claudine explains to Guilhem that things are on the right track. Milo invited her to go sailing this weekend and she hopes to be able to offer him a collaboration, and at the same time, have fun.

Not far from there, Johanna comes out of Milo’s home. The beautiful lawyer spent the night with the entrepreneur. Milo teases Johanna. He finds that it walks very quickly for someone who sprained his ankle the night before. Milo asks Johanna if this story was just a pretext. Johanna assures Milo that she really hurt herself and only then did she realize how irresistible he was. Milo really wants to see her again. Johanna lets it be known that she doesn’t object and they exchange a kiss before parting ways.

At the office, Johanna is meeting with Claudine and Florent when Guilhem interrupts them. He just hung up on Milo. The entrepreneur has decided to entrust his interests to them. But Guilhem has far too much work to take care of. Johanna offers to take care of it. Claudine intervenes. She points out that she got along very well with Milo during the evening. Johanna insists. She specifies that she met Milo the day before, that he spoke to her about his activity as a real estate entrepreneur, and that they had agreed to talk about it again quickly because she knows the sector well. The beautiful lawyer thinks she is the right person to represent him. Claudine gives in. She receives a call from Milo a few minutes later who cancels their sailboat trip. He claims a last minute impediment.

Not far from there, at the police station, Yann tells Hugo that he saw Johanna again. The medical examiner doesn’t want to hear any more of this story. He knows full well that they have both stuck to their guns. Hugo tries to open Yann’s eyes. If he continues to behave like this, he will end up alone.

Meanwhile, Milo calls the law firm and pretends he’s in custody. Johanna leaves Florent in the lurch to go to the police station, but Milo is waiting for her at the foot of his building. He came to propose to the lawyer to spend two days with him. She gladly accepts, but she issues a condition, that Milo follow all her directives.

For his part, Enzo admits to Sabine having blundered with Claudine. He indeed told his grandmother that it was she who had advised Johanna not to take her on as a partner. Sabine does not hold it against her son, and tries to reassure him. But Enzo is bored. He doesn’t want his mother to get angry with Claudine because of him. Sabine explains to her son that his grandmother does not need anyone to get angry with people, and clarifies that she does it very well on her own.

Meanwhile, Claudine can’t stomach having been double-crossed by Johanna. Alix encourages her friend to react.

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