Jeremy Renner snow removal accident: The Avengers actor was “completely crushed”

The star actor of the Marvel universe would have liked to help a member of his family to free his snowy car.

Victim of an accident while clearing snow on January 1 on his ranch above Lake Tahoe, about 40 km from Reno, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, we know more about the circumstances of the tragedy that sent the Avengers actor in intensive care.

While assisting a family member whose car was stuck in snow, Jeremy Renner got out of the vehicle he was driving (a snowcat, snow caterpillar, closed cab, the size of a truck , fully tracked) to chat with this person, when the latter restarted and moved forward again. Despite his efforts to get back into the cabin and stop the machine, the actor did not succeed.

The vehicle that caused the actor's injuries is a Snowcat.

The vehicle that caused the actor’s injuries is a Snowcat.
By Melensdad at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5,

“Completely crushed”

The actor was even “completely crushed” by the Snowcat, according to the report of the 911 call that the American site TMZ has procured.

He had the right side of his chest depressed and his upper torso crushed.

“Extreme difficulty” in breathing

The medical report states that Renner’s cries were audible when the emergency call was made. This report states that he suffered from profuse bleeding from the head and other injuries. The actor even had “extreme difficulty” in breathing.

Transported by helicopter to the hospital, Jeremy Renner underwent emergency surgery. On Tuesday, on his bed in intensive care, he gave a message of thanks to his fans, indicating “to be too beat up to write”.

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