Jean-Luc Reichmann soon ready to replace Jean-Pierre Foucault in Miss France? His answer… (VIDEO)

Saturday January 7, Léa Salamé received Indira Ampiot, Miss France 2023 on the set of What an era! Among the other guests of the show was a certain Jean-Luc Reichmann, recently voted favorite animator of the French according to the TV Magazine / OpinionWay poll. “Have you made a resolution for 2023? Stay number 1?“asked Léa Salamé.

“Not at all, having fun and above all sharing, a lot of sharing, joy and enjoying the present moment. We’re all passing through so I’m enjoying the moment”, retorted the one found daily on TF1 in The 12 strokes of noon.

Léa Salamé then took advantage of the presence on the set of the last beauty queen elected by the French to ask Jean-Luc Reichmann if he would one day like to present the Miss France election. “Why not? Of course, you know, I’m open to anything.” replied the host. “For 2023″, immediately chained the ex sidekick of Laurent Ruquier. “Oh no, but there is Jean-Pierre who is there. As long as Jean-Pierre is there, we don’t touch a hair of Jean-Pierre“immediately retorted Jean-Luc Reichmann, slipping in a small imitation.”Yes, but you are positioning yourself tonight anyway”, underlined Léa Salamé. Undoubtedly wishing not to make waves, Jean-Luc Reichmann concluded: “No, I don’t position myself, I love Jean-Pierre Foucault, it’s a joy, Alexia Laroche-Joubert is a friend so I have no problem”.



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