Jean-Luc Reichmann on the start? The host of “12 noon shots” without filter on his future at TF1

Since 2010, it has fascinated the French at lunchtime. Something he was already doing in 2001 with his famous program also broadcast at noon on TF1 : WATCH YOUR STEP. But it must be said that The 12 strokes of noon is a great success and still attracts millions of viewers. A deserved success for Jean-Luc Reichmann who, like Stéphane Plaza or Denis Brogniart, is one of the favorite animators of the French. But is this love of viewers enough to ensure its place in TF1 ? Our colleagues from Tele-Leisure just wanted to ask the question the one who had his scooter stolen a few days ago.

Indeed, he does not have many years left before the end of his contract and for the moment, he would not have signed anything yet according to his statements. “I only have one year left of my contract with TF1 and Endemol”he revealed before assuring that he and the first channel will “a point when the time comes. And there is no doubt that Nathalie Lecoultre’s companion wants the adventure to continue. If not with TF1it will be on another channel but in any case, Jean-Luc Reichmann still appreciates his job as much as he wanted to ensure it.

Jean-Luc Reichmann, proud of the success of “12 noon shots”

“I’m passionate. For now, I don’t feel like I’m working. When I arrive on a set, I want to share positive momentsentrusts with sincerity the one who saw his champion Stéphane being eliminated not long ago. This passion is partly due to the game he hosts every lunchtime of the week. And if the 12 strokes of noon has been so successful, Jean-Luc Reichmann seems to have the answer to that.

“I think this show has become a landmark for people. She wants to be serious and entertaining. We have created an appointment combining good humor, culture and benevolence”, he reveals before concluding by assuring that he and his teams have not never lied to the public, ever! I think that’s what kept them loyal.”

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