Jean-Jacques Goldman still targeted by harsh criticism

"The biggest scandal is Goldman first" : Jean-Jacques Goldman still targeted by harsh criticism - C8

“The biggest scandal is Goldman first”: Jean-Jacques Goldman still targeted by harsh criticism

Once again the big winner of the ranking of French JDD personalities, Jean-Jacques Goldman has drawn the wrath of certain columnists from “TPMP People” on January 7, 2022… Comments that the French singer must be making fun of… .

On December 30, 2022, the Sunday newspaper unveiled the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French. For the 12th time, Jean-Jacques Goldman is in first place in the Top 50 ahead of Thomas Pesquet and Omar Sy. A positioning that is difficult to understand for the host of TPMP People, Mathieu Delormeau. “The biggest scandal, sorry huh. The biggest scandal is Goldman firsthe was surprised in his show on Saturday January 7, 2023. No one has seen him for 20 years and the guy remains first. Why do we love him?

I love Jean-Jacques Goldman but he lives in London, he takes two million euros a month from Sacem, he’s at home, he doesn’t give a damn. Even if he gave them to an association and everything, but he is at home, he does not care and he is first. Abbé Pierre was first, but he devoted his life to others. But what has Goldman done for us this year?added the sidekick of Cyril Hanouna. The bottom line is that when you’re not seen anymore, people love you.”

Contrary to what Mathieu Delormeau says, Sophie Bazou (volunteer and manager of Les Enfoirés) had entrusted TV Star that the singer had invested a lot in the association and that it was completely legitimate for him to retire from the arts. “It’s not as if he hadn’t done anything for Restos for thirty years. If he wants to retire, that’s respectable. There…

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