“It is not possible that PSG will not play at the Parc

For several weeks, the file of the Princes Park lies on the table. The opportunity for the town hall to Paris and the PSG to offer a real pass of arms through the media.

It’s a tricky business. Wanting to buy the Princes Parkthe PSG submitted an initial offer of 40 million euros. Proposal rejected out of hand by the town hall of Pariswho has repeated many times that the enclosure of the Saint Cloud Gate was not for sale.

The time is calm

Faced with this refusal, the PSG launched a scathing responseexplaining that the town hall of Paris forced the capital club to leave its garden. A file more than tense in short. But on this day, the town hall of Parisvia the deputy mayor, Emmanuel Gregoire, wanted to calm things down a bit. During a press conference today, the latter thus exposed the firm position of the town hall not to see the Parisian club leave the Princes Park : “The position of the city is clear: it is not possible for PSG to play elsewhere than at the Parc des Princes. We are very much in favor of the idea of ​​supporting the expansion and investment program of the park”exposed Emmanuel Gregoire before slipping a small tackle on the mayor of Joinville : “And the mayor of Joinville is even more baroque because he offers land that belongs to the city of Paris and which is also classified wood. »

In a second time, Emmanuel Gregoire explained why Anne Hidalgo don’t want to sell Princes Park : “In reality the PSG is quasi-owner of the Park with a very long concession right but the mayor wants the stadium to remain an important heritage for Parisians. Work could begin immediately after the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

Finally, the deputy mayor of Paris sent a message to PSGnot wanting to exacerbate the situation unduly and continue the collaboration of the two entities: “If we can come to an agreement. We want to make them proposals that would put them as much in comfort as if they were owners with a very long concession. We have contacts with the teams of the PSG but not with the president and we suspect that it is he who decides. We want to resume the dialogue. There is a major value disagreement over the Park. Afterwards, it is very complicated to estimate the value of the Princes Park because if we ask 15 experts there will be 15 different prices. And the price will be framed by Bercy and the advice of Paris will or will not validate an assignment so we cannot agree on a price by patting each other on the back. Today the rental of the park is 1 million euros in the fixed part and 1 or 2 million in the variable part. So it’s modest compared to theOM or to LOSC. This contract binds them until 2043.”

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