Is Charlie dead? His interpreter Juliette Halloy responds

The last episode of season 1 of Toulouse-Lautrec high school has probably upset you. Juliette Halloy, the interpreter of Charlie, returns to the last scene of her character.

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This Monday, January 23, TF1 broadcasts the last two episodes of season 1 of Toulouse-Lautrec high school, his new series. After a memorable trip to Morocco in episode 5, the gang returns in this school like no other to live their last moments together. Tired of her treatment, Charlie (Juliette Halloy) decides to stop her. On the day of the fair before the school closes, the gang gathers at Victoire’s to celebrate their friendship during a disguised party in which Charlie makes a surprise appearance. Disguised as an angel and carried by her mother Sylvie (Charlie Bruneau), she bids farewell to her classmates before disappearing.

Juliette Halloy reacts to the angel scene

“We shot the scene with music that was cut during editing” explained to us Juliette Halloy, the interpreter of Charlie. “The whole team was super moved… Besides, it was the last day of the shooting of Ness Merad Who’s playing Marie Antoinette. It was a day that was already emotionally charged. It was an incredible moment. It wasn’t the end of filming either, because a few days later we were leaving for Morocco without her. It was the end of something and the start of another.” says the high school student who is passing her baccalaureate this year. As for knowing what happens to his character, for Juliette Halloy, the question does not arise: Charlie is indeed dead. The actress will therefore not be in season 2 of Toulouse-Lautrec high school, if by chance there is one.

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Who is Juliette Halloy, the interpreter of Charlie in Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec?

Juliette Halloy was discovered during a Belgian Casting Class. After three months of filming the series Toulouse-Lautrec high school, she continued with the second season of the series Baraki. Previously, she participated in Jacqueline Sauvage, the shock TV movie of TF1 with Muriel Robin. In the cinema, the spectators could see her in School is over with Bérengère Krief.

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