Iraqi prime minister says he ‘needs’ US troops

Mohamed Chia al-Soudani, in office since the end of October, believes that “it will still take time to eliminate the Islamic State group”. About 2,000 American soldiers are still present on Iraqi soil.

the Iraqi Prime Minister Mohamed Chia al-Sudaniin charge since the end of October, recognizes in an interview published on Sunday January 15 in the wall street journal that his country has for the moment always “need of foreign troops“, essentially American. “We think we need foreign forces“, declares the head of the Iraqi government, who adds:”It will still take time to eliminate the Islamic State group“.

We don’t need troops fighting inside Iraqi territory“, he clarified, adding: “The threat to Iraq comes from the penetration of Islamic State cells from Syria.»

2000 American soldiers in Iraq

The US maintains about 2,000 troops in Iraq for training and consultancy assignments. NATO is also conducting a non-combat mission in Iraq, involving according to its website “several hundred people» came from several countries, members of NATO or partners (Australia, Finland, Sweden). “I do not believe it is impossible for Iraq to have a good relationship with both Iran and the United States.”, further noted Mohamed Chia al-Soudani.

His government, born after a year of sometimes bloody showdowns, relies on pro-Iran parties, which dominate the Assembly. Iraq is also very dependent on its neighbor’s gas and electricity. He faces immense expectations from an Iraqi people exhausted by a serious economic and social crisis.

In the interview published on Sunday, Mohamed Chia al-Soudani is however anxious to also spare the United States, which continues to harden its tone against the Iranian regime. He told journalists questioning him that he wanted to send a high-level delegation to Washington soon, perhaps as a prelude to a meeting with US President Joe Biden.


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