inflation at 94.8% for the year 2022, the highest for 32 years

The government nevertheless hopes to control this trend and limit the price increase to 60% in 2023.

Argentina recorded inflation of 94.8% for the year 2022, a record for 32 years in the country, and one of the highest in the world, even if the index for the month of December, at 5, 1%, confirmed a relative deceleration for a few months.

The December index, published Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (Indec), confirms a downward trend over time, from a peak of 7.4% in July, to 6.3% in October, and 4 .9% in November. Argentina’s inflation was 50.9% in 2021, and the government expects to bring it under control to 60% in 2023.

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