Infantino says he is ‘appalled’ by critics after his selfie at Pele’s funeral

Fifa president Gianni Infantino said he was ‘appalled’ by critics over his alleged lack of ‘respect’ after taking a photo of himself near Pele’s body during the football legend’s funeral wake Monday in Brazil.

In the image taken by Infantino and posted on Instagram on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, we see the leader posing all smiles under the large white tent where the body of the “King” was displayed in a coffin on the club’s lawn. Santos. “I am appalled to hear that I am apparently being criticized by some for taking a selfie and photos at the ceremony“Infantino wrote on Instagram. “I have so much respect and admiration for Peleand for the ceremony that I would never have dared to do anything that could be disrespectful.»

Alongside Infantino, who is holding the cell phone to take the photo, three people are posing. We recognize Manoel Maria, best friend of the legendary Brazilian striker. “I was honored and touched that team members and family members of the great Pelé asked me to take a photo with them“, continued Infantino. “Pelé’s team asked me to take a selfie of all of us but they didn’t know how. So to be helpful I took one of them’s phone and took a picture of all of us“Defended the president of Fifa.

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The eternal number 10, who marked generations of football lovers, joined his final resting place on Tuesday, a 200m2 mausoleum in the vertical cemetery of the Brazilian city of Santos. To salute the memory of the “King”, Infantino announced on Monday that Fifa would ask all its member countries to baptize a stadium in the name of Pelé. “We will set an example by renaming the pitch located in our headquarters “Pelé Stadium – Fifa Zurich”“, concluded Tuesday evening the president of Fifa in his message Instagram.

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