In the US Congress, Republicans attack abortion

The House of Representatives voted two texts, symbolic, which have no chance of passing the stage of the Senate, controlled by the Democrats.

The American House of Representatives, recently controlled by the Republicans, adopted on Wednesday January 11 two anti-abortion texts, with a largely symbolic scope. A way for the Conservatives to satisfy their base, after exposing their divisions in the open last week in a grueling vote for the election of their “speaker”.

The first resolution, supported on Wednesday by all Republicans, condemns the attacks carried out against the “institutions, associations and anti-abortion churches“. The text specifically refers to the acts of violence that took place from May 2, 2022, when a leak revealed that the Supreme Court of the United States planned to soon blast the right to abortion. The resolution charges, among other things,the Biden administration for failing to take action to respond to these sweeping attacks“.

The second text requires physicians present during an abortion “to provide appropriate careto try toto save» the aborted fetus. The family planning organization Planned Parenthood strongly criticized the resolution, which “is nothing more than a fear manipulation strategy aimed at stigmatizing abortion“.

The vast majority of Democrats voted against these measures, their leader, Hakeem Jeffries, believing that the decision to aborthad to be taken only between a woman, her family and her doctors, and that’s all“. The scope of these two texts is however limited, because they have no chance of passing the stage of the Senate, of which the Democrats retain control.

The Republicans’ offensive against abortion rights could also be a double-edged sword, with the majority of Americans – including in conservative states – supporting its protection.

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