In the United States, Wyoming wants to ban electric cars in 2035!

As you know, Europe is currently working on banning the sale of new thermal cars in 2035. The exact conditions of this ban remain to be specified, but this principle has already been accepted by the members of the European Union. In the United States too, the electrification of the automobile is underway: the government has just set up significant aid for the purchase of new electric cars (in the form of tax credits), the construction of a denser charging network has been approved and certain states such as the California aim to limit the sale of new cars to electrified models only by the next decade.

But in Wyoming, the time is not at all for electrification. This state in the center of the United States even wants to outright ban the sale of new electric cars by the year 2035! In its proposal number SJ0004state parliamentarians are indeed proposing to withdraw electric cars from commerce in 2035 on the grounds of protecting its local economy, which depends in particular on the production of oil and gas.

The electric car perceived as a threat

The bill explains that “the production of oil and gas is the pride of Wyoming”, that this industry has created “countless jobs” and “ensures the economic balance of the state”. She says that “electric cars are difficult to recycle, depend on minerals that are difficult to extract and would require too expensive investments to build charging infrastructure”. Concluding the bill, the drafters call for a ban on the sale of new electric cars in 2035 to protect its oil and gas industry, save jobs, and even “limit mineral extraction in the state to only vital activities.” “. Note that this is only a bill that has not yet been validated. Will the Wyoming legislator dare to go through with this totally unique approach in the world?

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