In the United States, the star dog with more than 140 paintings

published on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 8:50 p.m.

Named Van Gogh, the canine, rescued from a shelter in the state of Connecticut in the United States last summer, is a social media phenomenon. He has already painted more than 140 paintings.

An animal that has become an artist and social media star.

The dog Van Gogh, in reference to the famous Dutch painter, distinguished himself on the canvas by making more than 140 paintings after being collected from a shelter on the east coast of the United States in early summer 2022, indicates the Figaro Saturday January 14.

Several videos posted on the TikTok social network show the canine at work, whose production is punctuated by paintings on which yellow spots are scattered on a blue bed. For the seven-year-old animal, these artistic talents were revealed after he was collected in June by a shelter in the city of Bethel, in the State of Connecticut. The canine was then in a very worrying state, due to a fight with another dog. Deprived of hearing, Van Gogh began to have fun with the name which the Happily Furever After Rescue, his refuge, had given him.

requests for ” New York to New Zealand »

The shelter had the bold idea of ​​converting the dog to painting, using some clever methods. The food given to the dog is used to bait Van Gogh so that he can spread the paint on the canvas by licking all of his “plate”.
And the results are convincing. In November, twelve paintings were sold online for a sum of 1900 dollars. According to the shelter, clients from “ New York to New Zealand even sent requests to the shelter.

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