In the middle of a strike, she misses her train while responding to a journalist

This Thursday, January 19, 2023, a woman missed her train because she was answering questions from a journalist from BFM TV on… the strike which affects transport in particular.

It’s not always strikes that prevent people from taking their trains. This Thursday morning, while she was questioned live by a journalist from BFM TV, a woman missed her train. He left under his eyes and under those of his interviewer while the latter asked his opinion on the massive social movement that is shaking France. A mishap all the more annoying as a large part of the trains are at a standstill due to the national strike against the pension reform.

“What state of mind are you in this morning?”. It was when the journalist said these words that the train, which was heading for Versailles, left. “Wow, the train is leaving! Damn!”, then continues our colleague, quite embarrassed by what she caused Despite everything, the user did not seem to be moved that much, simply punctuating the facts with a very sober: “Damn, I I lost the train”.

Massive movements across the country

After quickly apologizing, the journalist resumed her interview unabashedly asking if her interviewee understood the strike and its reasons. To which the latter replied that she hoped that everything would be organized well for the elderly and the sick.

The BFM TV reporter still offered to help him find a train. Which, in the middle of a strike, seems difficult to guarantee. And for good reason, a large part of the country is today paralyzed by large protest movements against the pension reform launched by the government of Elisabeth Borne.

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