in the grip of a terrible addiction, the famous actor does not see the end of it!

This Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Michel Boujenah was the guest of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine on the set of “C à vous”. An opportunity for the famous actor to address a sensitive subject: His addictions. Like many personalities, the 70-year-old actor admits to being ” dope “. Still, it’s not cigarettes, alcohol or anything like that that ruins the actor’s life. What he likes ? Teleshopping. Addicted to these shows, he is easily fooled by all the products presented and never hesitates to take out his credit card to obtain the marvels offered on television. “I’m not a fan, I’m on drugs! »he dropped on France 5.

Among the most incredible items in his collection: A wasp trap his neighbor told him about. “My neighbor in the south of France is Superman. All he has is good”. “He showed me a trick against wasps and I ordered it. I ordered ten packs of 35 jars! »he explained before continuing: “I don’t know what to do with it.” To sell off his stocks, Michel Boujenah therefore offered his relatives to help themselves.

“Totally desperate”

Besides wasp traps, his latest acquisition was ” a drawer “. Drawer whose use he doesn’t even know. “There is no instruction manual, there is nothing. It’s a plastic thing, like a drawer. In the night, I had to order it seeing the demonstration. There is no manual, it’s all in Chinese. I ended up with this thing, I looked at it totally desperate. »

For him, his addiction is a real disease. Worse, the actor describes himself as ” mad “. “But I don’t know why I do this… I have insomnia and when I can’t write anymore, I can’t read anymore, I travel on the Internet and I come across stuff… that I buy”he confided before admitting that he wishes to follow a ” detox “. “But the amount of stuff I’ve bought that is useless… You can’t imagine!” Frankly, I need to be locked up, I need to be treated for this! »


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