In mid-flight, a passenger’s laptop catches fire in the cabin: the plane must land urgently

This Monday, December 26, the Boeing 747-8i of the Lufthansa company connecting Los Angeles to Frankfurt had to be diverted.

More fear than harm for the passengers of the Boeing 747-8i on the Lufthansa flight between Los Angeles and Frankfurt.

Shortly after the plane took off on Monday, December 26, the laptop of one of the overheating passengers caught fire, explains the specialized media air journal.

A “small fire” then broke out in the cabin. It was able to be extinguished quickly, but, as a precaution, the plane was diverted to Chicago.

Similar incident in Russia

Two air hostesses had to be taken care of because of the smoke they had inhaled, but no passenger was injured, specifies Air Journal.

The same day, an airbus to make the connection between Moscow and Domodedovo experienced a similar incident.

This time, the fire broke out during takeoff, interrupting the plane’s departure.

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