In Martinique, the choice of a new flag still fraught with pitfalls

A small piece of cloth, a hummingbird and a big bustle. The Martinique became entangled this Tuesday a little more in the controversy around the designation of a flag to represent the island after the surprise renunciation of the winner of the competition organized by the authorities.

The Territorial Collectivity of Martinique (CTM) relaunched this delicate process at the end of 2022 to provide the island caribbean an official emblem in order to represent it during sporting, cultural or international cooperation events. The CMT had chosen to carry out a consultation open to the inhabitants of the department, but which had been marred by several technical incidents.

The organizing body had thus denounced “cyberattacks” before recognizing “certain failures within the voting platform”.

A wave of “cyberbullying”

At the end of this vote, the proposal of a young entrepreneur, Anaïs Delwaulle had finally won the majority of the 26,633 votes online (72%) against the independence emblem. This pavilion without official existence and sometimes considered as sulphurous takes up the three colors of the flag of the independence movement, namely red, green and black.

His project, No. 242, displaying a hummingbird on the red, green and black flag but revisited diagonally, sparked a lively controversy, his detractors accusing him in particular of having plagiarized an existing drawing on an image bank.

“I withdraw my proposal and I renounce to follow up on the results of this consultation”, indicated, Monday Anaïs Delwaulle in a press release, claiming to be the victim of a wave of ” cyber harassment “.

A new ranking awaited

After this withdrawal, the community gave its support to the winner and announced that a new ranking would be established to allow a winner to emerge. “A new classification will be established with this withdrawal, the flag n°891 taking the place of first. This classification will be transmitted to the Assembly of Martinique, which will deliberate freely on the final choice of the anthem and the flag of Martinique. The elected representatives of the Assembly of Martinique will make their final decision on February 2 and 3, 2023″, indicated Serge Letchimy, President of the Executive Council of the CTM, to our colleagues from Martinique The 1st.

This is the second time that the Martinican community has launched a procedure for the choice of a flag and an anthem. An “Ipséité” emblem in green blue and white, designated under the mandate of Alfred Marie-Jeanne in 2019, had been challenged by the administrative court of Fort-de-France in November 2021, thus opening the door to the current consultation.

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