Iggy Pop thinks he’s still alive thanks to a healthy immune system and his mother’s prayers

Back with a new album called Every Loser, Iggy Pop again agreed to indulge in a longevity that some would call supernatural when you know what excesses he went through during the great era. But if the Iguana willingly recognizes the solidity of its immune systemhis survival also depends… on his mother’s love!

“My doctor tells me I have a strong immune system, but I don’t think that explains everything. (…) The other thing – it is perhaps a little gnangnan – is the love of my mother and her prayers, ”he confided to the New York Timesbefore narrating a chilling episode during which he came close to the worst.

A drastic decision

“I was hanging out with members of MC5 and I turned blue. They didn’t know what to do,” Iggy Pop said. “I just remember waking up to a bathtub full of ice. They put me in the ice, but it didn’t work, so they injected salt to bring me back. »

Until the day the rocker started seeing a doctor, learning along the way that his heart had almost doubled in volume to collect its excesses. It was time to reduce the sails!

“It was 1983 when I made a conscious decision: I have to stop living the way I do. I have to wean myself. I have to stay with one person (lovely),” he recalled. “I was in this direction and, even if for a year I slipped up every one or two months, after that I stuck to it. »

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