If we want to be green, we will have to empty… the cities!!

“Why it is high time to leave the cities” asks La Libre Belgique.

For the following reason.

“Occupying only 2% of the Earth’s surface, urbanization produces 70% of waste, emits 75% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, consumes 78% of energy and emits over 90% of pollutants emitted into the air for 58% of the world’s population” citing the work of Guillaume Faburel, Professor, Researcher at UMR Triangle, University Lumière Lyon 2.

For my part, you know my point of view.

Historically, no large city, even Rome at the time of its splendor, has more than one million inhabitants because beyond this size, it was no longer possible to provide the necessary logistical services there in a world of slow and carbon-free energies. in essence… since there was no fuel and at best horses!

Historically, our organization, which is based on hamlets, villages, towns, small towns, sub-prefectures and prefectures, was a real organization in short circuits, resilient and efficient.

It is up to us to return to this more harmonious, gentler, less intensive way of life.

It is up to us to increase rurality and decrease inhuman city life in many aspects.

We know how to do it, by reducing bad pollution and growing good approaches and sustainable technologies without sacrificing comfort.

We can reduce and be sustainable without advocating misery.

In short, happy sobriety!

Charles SANNAT

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