If it ever arrives in France, the Polestar 2 will have better autonomy

Polestar offers a big technical update to its sedan, with more power and more range. But the model still refuses to France.

Polestar will he set off to conquer France in 2023? If the Swedish firm does so, its first mass market model, the sedan 2, will therefore arrive directly at home with an improved version. The manufacturer has just presented “the 2024 model year”, which benefits from an in-depth technical sheet.

The changes are similar to those made on the Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge. Thus, two-wheel drive models are no longer traction but propulsion. There is a new permanent magnet motor and a silicon carbide converter, with powers of 200 and 220 kW (compared to 170 kW max before). The maximum torque jumps from 330 to 490 Nm.

The Dual Motor variant is also reviewed. The rear unit becomes the main source of drive, to have a typed behavior propulsion. On the front axle is a new asynchronous motor. The maximum cumulative power increases from 300 to 310 kW. A Performance Pack variant provides 350 kW.

As on the Volvo cousins, the autonomy is improved. The basic version keeps a 69 kWh battery, but gains 40 km of range in the WLTP combined cycle, for a new total of 518 km. The rest of the range has a larger 82 kWh battery. The propulsion model with this battery now promises 635 km, or 84 km more.

The big winner is the Dual Motor model. Thanks to the enlarged battery and new engine management (the front one can disconnect), its range has increased to 105 km, or now 592 km. There is also the best for recharging, with 205 kW at maximum charging speed on the 82 kWh batteries.

To recognize the 2024 version, just look at the grille, which adopts the smooth design seen on the Polestar 3 SUV.

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