“I try not to think about it but I’m ready to go,” says singer Salvatore Adamo

This Monday, January 16, the singer Salvatore Adamo gave an interview to the magazine Téléstar.

He was due to perform in concert in Barcelona on January 20. Suffering from a “hematoma on a vocal cord causing temporary aphonia”, Salvatore Adamo had to give up, revealed our colleagues from the Parisian a few days ago.

His health should also force him to cancel the promotion campaign for his new album, “In French Please”, which is expected to be released on January 27.

Already operated on the vocal cords in 2019, the 79-year-old Belgian singer must this time go through the rehabilitation box.

“It’s miraculous to still be here”

Visibly fatalistic, the one who experienced success from the 1960s confided in his relationship to death to the magazine Téléstar. “I try not to think about it but I’m ready to go. Life has allowed me to do what I love,” he said as the relay Here is.

For Le Parisien five years earlier, Salvatore Adamo had already congratulated himself on being still alive. “It’s miraculous to still be there, in good health, he said. I had meningitis and mastoiditis at 7 years old, a heart attack at 40, a stroke twenty years later… And singing is not recommended to the heart. But I try to sleep well and not to do two concerts in a row. I owe a lot to the medical profession.”

He will still be by his side for the next few days to allow him to find his voice.

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