“I hate it, the return of the stick is going to be difficult!”

With 4.2 million viewers on average for each premium, in other words, the return of Star Academy at the end of 2022 was a success. A real hit with the audience, the teachers and the twelve students of this event promotion have become real stars in six weeks… However, the comeback of this telecrochet has not been to everyone’s taste!

Interviewed by Jordan de Luxe for the program “Chez Jordan” (C8), the mythical singer of the 70s Stone (from the Stone & Charden group) did not mince words when referring to the TF1 program!

“The Star Academy… But poor kids! », she launched frightened. “I pity them with all my heart? I hate pricing, star does not bring happiness “, she justified before attacking another cult show from the first channel: “The Voice is the same! »she let go. “It shapes people who will imagine beings who will never be! The return of the stick will be difficult! »

Star Academy: a next season already announced for 2023

The risky gamble of reviving the “Star Academy” after more than 15 years of absence has finally paid off. TF1 has therefore already planned a new season this year: “The next season was almost done even before the launch of season 10, but we still had to wait for the hearings. The signing was only supposed to happen after the final, but in the end, TF1 wanted to speed up the process in order to open the casting from midnight November 26.explained a source close to the production of the show to Entertainment TV last November. Excellent news!

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