“I am no longer in his life, he is no longer in mine”: the confessions of Omar Sy on Fred Testot

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Interviewed on the YouTube channel Oui Hustle, Omar Sy spoke about his relationship with his former sidekick, Fred Testot. After years of friendship, the two actors would no longer see each other.

The distance will have separated them. At least, that’s the feeling of French actor Omar Sy, guest of the Youtube channel Yes Hustle for the promotion of his film “Les Tirailleurs”, released on January 4 at the cinema. The actor returned to his friendship with his former acolyte from the After-Sales Service, Fred Testot, with whom he forged more than 7 years of friendship on screen.

The 44-year-old actor explained that he no longer rubs shoulders with his former accomplice. “Today, we no longer see each other, because time has eroded things”, reveals Omar Sy.

“Time has eroded things”

According to him, one of the reasons for this distance is the distance; the actor being settled in the United States with his wife and children for more than 10 years. “We saw each other every day, because we worked together, because it was my partner, we wrote, we toured, we edited together. We were together every day. When I left for the United States, we spent a year without seeing each other (…) Life has gradually crumbled”.

However, the absence of news is not synonymous with enmity for the actor. “There is always love even for him, because what I experienced with him, I only experienced it with him,” says Omar Sy.

Before adding: “I may find him, it’s God who knows, but today no, nothing is happening. I am no longer in his life, he is no longer in mine”.

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