how to calculate your rights and your retirement age?

While the government announced, this Tuesday, January 10, the pension reform, many are those who will want find out their legal retirement age or simulate the amount of their pension.

To achieve this, here is the procedure to follow. Just go to the site This portal created in 2019 allows you to apply for your pension online for all the schemes to which you have contributed, to centralize your supporting documents and other personal information.

To calculate his legal retirement age, visit this page. From his year of birth, we obtain his legal retirement age, the number of quarters required for a departure at the full rate and his retirement age to obtain the automatic full rate.

If you wish to simulate the amount of your pension, you must select an account that you have already created, for example on or on, on franconnect, enter the associated identifiers and password and then be directed to your retirement account. Once connected, select the “My retirement estimate” tab, which allows you to have a complete overview of your professional activity.

To note that the site also offers to apply for retirement or view the “retirement savings” plans that one can benefit from through his business.

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