How the Blues almost won on penalties

For Nicolas Tagliafico, the outcome of the penalty shootout that sealed the fate of the final between France and Argentina could have been totally different.

Three weeks have passed since the coronation of Argentina at the expense of France in the final of the World Cup and the actors of the epic final between Albiceleste and the Blues continue to deliver their analysis of the meeting. Saturday, when he had just been officially renewed for four years at the head of the Blues, Didier Deschamps thus confided that at least five Blues “were not at the level for such a match and such an opponent”.

“We didn’t exist for a good hour. Then we came back from nowhere. We pushed them. I don’t hide the part where there was no match, “ he added. Despite the Argentine domination for most of the game, the fate of the final was decided on penalties and the French were the first to crack, Kingsley Coman seeing his shot stopped by Emiliano Martinez and Aurélien Tchouameni missing the framework.

If he missed his, we lost the game

But according to Nicolas Tagliafico, the story could have been totally different if Lionel Messi, designated to open the ball on the Argentinian side, had missed his attempt. “After Mbappé’s first shot on goal, all the pressure was on our shoulders. Leo (Messi) approached him knowing that if he missed his, we would lose the game. Eventually he pulled it like he was playing with his son Mateo in his garden,” thus entrusted the Lyon side on his Twich channel.

According to the former Ajax Amsterdam player, however, the adventure of the Blues could have ended much earlier. And the French can even thank the Argentinians for not scoring a third goal against Poland in the group stage, which would have eliminated the Poles and allowed Mexico to pass. “It’s a good thing that I didn’t score on the chance I had against Poland. If I scored that goal, Poland would be eliminated and everything would change. Mexico would have played against France, Mexico would have eliminated France, and all hell would have broken loose and we would not be champions. Moreover, in this match, fortunately Messi missed his penalty ”, he launched.

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