his mother Veronika Loubry worried, Ben Attal by his side

Thylane Blondeau

Thylane Blondeau “completely devastated”: her mother Veronika Loubry worried, Ben Attal by her side – BestImage, Romuald Meigneux

It’s been a difficult time that Thylane Blondeau and her mother, Veronika Loubry, have been going through in recent days: since this weekend, the girl’s dog has been hospitalized and is fighting to get back on her feet, watched over by her mistress. Upset, she is fortunately supported by her mother and her boyfriend Ben, who are always by her side…

Fans of Thylane Blondeau will be able to breathe a little: after several hours of anguish for her little dog, suddenly in very bad shape this Sunday, the young supermodel has seen the condition of her animal improve in recent hours according to his mother Veronika Loubry, who gave their news on Monday. Still hospitalized, he would however have received a visit from a veterinarian who gave a reassuring diagnosis.

The condition is stable, it’s better than last night“begins the former TV presenter turned successful influencer on her story. “He came back, there was a little heart distress, there was a little temperature distress, that night too, but now it’s a little better, he was taken care of for ultrasounds and everything. […] The doctor this morning was pretty positive“, she explains then.

However, the family remains very shaken: the animal, named 21, is important to Thylane Blondeau and has accompanied her for several years. “You know how much this dog is like my grandson, he’s my daughter’s son“, even explains Veronika Loubry, particularly moved and with tears in her voice: “I cried for three hours this morning, the whole family cried.

Ben is by her side

However, no question for the mother and the daughter to give up. “I stay positive, Thylane stays very positive, even though I know that in her little heart she is…

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