his daughter Emmanuelle moved to tears by evoking the actor

Sunday January 22, 2023, Emmanuelle Galabru, the daughter of Michel Galabru, evoked the memory of her deceased father, in the program Can’t wait for Sunday broadcast on France 3. A moment full of emotion.

Michel Galabru’s daughter spoke of her father who disappeared in 2016, at the age of 93. Barely installed on the famous red sofa, in the show Can’t wait for Sunday on January 22, 2023 on France 3, Emmanuelle Galabru thanked Michael Druckerwho decided to dedicate his Sunday show to the deceased actor. You can’t know how happy I am to be able to talk about your dad with you”, enthused the presenter. “He was an extraordinary character”, he added. When evoking the memory of her deceased father, the actress was moved: “That’s it, I already almost cried […] I wanted to start by thanking you from the bottom of my heart… If we don’t talk about people anymore, that’s how they really disappear“, she launched, on the verge of tears, and full of gratitude. “I want to be the memory of this profession”, retorted the host, before recalling the great popularity of Michel Galabru, who is among the greatest monuments of French cinema.

A humble actor

“My father was more than humble … too. He considered himself a second-rate actor, he was not at all aware of being so loved, and rightly loved, confided Emmanuelle Galabru to Michel Drucker . He was a man full of love”. Emmanuelle Galabru has always shown great complicity with her father. In an interview with Paris Match in February 2016, one month after death, she had already paid homage to her father, who had transmitted his passion for acting to him. “People loved…

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VIDEO – Michel Drucker’s Minute

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