he wins $1.35 billion in the Friday the 13th lottery

This is the second highest payout won through the Mega Millions lottery. The winning ticket was played in a small rural town in Maine.

The american lottery an indicated that a ticket Megamillions sold in the state of Maine had enabled its owner to win the staggering jackpot of 1.35 billion dollars (1.24 billion euros) put into play on Friday January 13, reports CNN.

The winning numbers – 30,43,45,46,61, with 14 as a bonus number – were played at a gas station in Lebanon, a small town of 6500 inhabitants. The owner of the premises, Fred Cotreau, told CNN that he initially believed that the call from the American lottery telling him that the winning ticket had been played in his establishment was a prank.

“A very good news”

“It’s next to impossible to realize how much it’s going to change someone’s life, regardless of your condition and where you live, when you receive these kinds of awards,” he said.

Fred Cotreau said he didn’t know who the winner was. But Lebanon being a small rural community, the winning ticket is bound to be “very good news for that person”. This is the seventh jackpot won on a Friday the 13th in the United States, Mega Millions reported.

“Congratulations to the Maine State Lottery for winning its first Mega Millions jackpot. (…) This is the fourth billion dollar jackpot in Mega Millions history,” Pat said. McDonald, who leads the Mega Millions consortium.

2.04 billion in November

The jackpot won on Friday January 13 followed three months of draws without a winner. To reach the 1.35 billion, the winner of Maine will have to agree to receive an annuity over three decades. If, on the contrary, he wishes to pocket his winnings in a single payment, he will receive “only” 724.6 million dollars.

As CNN points out, this is the second-biggest win in Mega Millions history, with the all-time high dating back to 2018, when a South Carolina man won $1.537 billion.

But the absolute record remains held by the Powerball, another lottery across the Atlantic. Last November, a Californian won $2.04 billion.

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