He wins 1.24 billion euros on Friday the 13th in the American lottery Mega Millions

A resident of Maine, in the United States, won 1.24 billion euros in the famous Mega Millions lottery, this Friday, January 13.

Is Friday the 13th lucky or bad luck? For an American living in Maine, it was the first option that came true. The lucky man won 1.35 billion dollars, or 1.244 billion euros in the American lottery, by buying a ticket for only two dollars, reports The Parisian. This is not a record however. It had been three months and 25 consecutive draws that the jackpot had not fallen.

A tough dilemma

To win, the winner had to match five distinct numbers between 1 and 70, as well as a “Mega Ball” between 1 and 25. The probability of hitting the jackpot was only one in 302.6 million. . Finally by playing the numbers 30, 43, 45, 46 and 61 the Mega Ball 14, the Mainois saw his life changed.

The identity of the person is not yet known. But the latter will either have to accept an annual pension over 29 years to receive all of the 1.244 billion euros, or to receive 668 million euros in one go.

In addition, fourteen other players found the first five numbers and walked away with a million dollars, specifies CNN. The next draw will take place on Tuesday, January 17. “Only”, 20 million dollars will be at stake.

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