he is offered a dog to fill his loneliness then kills it a few hours later

The unfortunate animal will have spent less than a day with its new owner before it slits its throat.

All that for this. A 71-year-old man recently made headlines in Belgium by killing a dog that had just been given to him by a couple of good Samaritans, following a call for help from the septuagenarian himself !

“The presence of an animal is so comforting”

As the story goes RTL.bethe individual had initially moved Wallonia by explaining on Facebook that he felt particularly alone, in his residence for the elderly located in Wanze, since the death of his pet a few months earlier: “I don’t I have no more news from my family or my friends. Here, I no longer see anyone. The presence of an animal is so comforting.”

Touched by this testimony also relayed by SouthInfo, a couple of Belgian Internet users decided to give their dog to this retiree. After making contact, the latter therefore traveled, this Monday, January 23, the 200 km separating their respective municipalities of residence to offer him their 4-year-old Maltese bichon named Pantoufle.

The dog’s throat was cut a few hours after his arrival

According to RTL.be, the meeting between the dog and its new owner went “very well” and the donors then returned home, convinced that they had done a good deed. By calling the residence the next day to inquire, they however learned that Pantoufle had died during the night, killed by the septuagenarian.

According to information from local media, the latter would have “slit the animal’s throat with a knife” around 11 p.m., because he could not stop his barking. Bruised by this tragic outcome, the couple therefore made a new round trip to Wanze to recover the body of the poor canine and bring it back to their home to bury it.

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