He is fined 180 euros because he parked 30 cm too far

published on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 2:10 p.m.

An Australian driver was fined 180 euros ($287 CAD) because the rear of his vehicle protruded slightly from his parking space, reports Auto Plus.

It is expensive, the centimeter. An Australian driver living in Brisbane was fined 180 euros (287 Canadian dollars) for making a small parking error of just… 30 centimeters, indicates Auto Plus.

Parked in front of his neighbor

Annoyed by this fine, which he thinks is unjustified, the man published a photo of the ticket, accompanied by his car, on the social network Reddit. But the comments on the Web did not give him gifts. Indeed, if the owner of the white Kia was only badly parked, the situation could seem exaggerated. But the concern is different: if the back of his vehicle narrowly exceeded the delimitation of the location where parking is authorized, the man was not parked in front of his house, but in front of his neighbor’s property, the thus preventing him from returning to his driveway.

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