Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard, the incredible photo that says it all

If they stood up in front of the cameras, the atmosphere seemed much less joyful behind the scenes…



“JI would like to thank my two children, Louise and Marcel, tell them that I love them so much…” We are Sunday, January 15, in Paris. On the stage of the Grand Rex, Guillaume Canet is moved. He will finally present in France this Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire which mobilized him for four years. Something to feel a little excited about!

Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Cassel, M, Bigflo and Oli, Jonathan Cohen, Angèle, Zlatan Ibrahimovic… the countless stars of the feature film have also joined forces to support the 49-year-old director. But it is of his little ones that he thinks. “It is for you that I made this film, he continues. I had so much fun sharing this adventure with you, seeing you on the sets… It was a dream.” Behind him, in Chanel overalls, a smiling Marion Cotillard bends down to see her two loves, seated in the room. At the time of introducing this project so important to them, the interpreters of Asterix and Cleopatra are once again focusing on their role as parents. This is what binds them above all.

Last year, things seemed more complicated. Twenty years just after their friendly crush on the set of Child games, fifteen years after officially getting together, they were thought to be inseparable. Have overloaded schedules and different desires damaged this love story? Engrossed in her American projects, the Oscar-winning actress seemed to be moving away from Paris, when her companion was coming out of the trying filming of Him. Between the solar star and the tormented comedian, communication could get tough. “This nitpicky, dirigiste, controller of everything and never happy with anything side is unbearable in life, had moreover admitted Guillaume to Paris Match. He made life difficult for me, especially in my relationships.” Yes, but here it is… Beyond the couple, they are a duo, a team.

At the professional level of course, they who no longer count the films shot together, but also in their daily lives as parents. Because Marcel and Louise, 11 years old and 5 years old, are their absolute priority… Their obsession, even, to believe the words of Marion in Grace. “They are my masters. I am their guide and a source of love!” launched the mother hen. Suffice to say that with Guillaume, they want to agree for the good of their children.

No question of reliving what they themselves suffered during their parents’ divorces! “When I was 10, my father left my mother. I told him : ‘If you walk through that door, you’re not my father anymore!’ He came out and had a heart attack behind,” said Guillaume in the magazine Him. If Philippe Canet had finally recovered, the brown says he has “spent a large part of his life with a father who could disappear at any moment”.

Anxieties that he probably refuses to make his tribe experience… Especially at an important time for Marcel, who has just made his film debut as a young Asterix! For the attentive parents that are Guillaume and Marion, it is therefore time to stand up. Without necessarily posing together in front of the photographers… For the promotion of the film, they will undoubtedly manage not to be too often at the same time on tour, so that one of the two stays at home. Preserving their family, they want to make it child’s play…

Nina Perrault

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