General knowledge quiz: have you noticed these anachronisms in these historical films and series?

That day, at Versaillesthe young Marie Antoinette try on new clothes. Among the sumptuous dresses and precious jewelry, we can see enthroned on the floor of the royal palace a pair of… Converse, sports shoes invented at the beginning of the 20th century in United States. Here we are in the movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola and this detail, which originally had to be edited out, sparked a flood of criticism and indignation. “Historians will no doubt fall on me”even assumed the director, then in the middle of filming, in the spring of 2005. If this anachronism is wanted, even claimed, it is not the case for many others, often going unnoticed, in films and television series with real reach. historical.

“The Crown”, “Versailles” … When the series distort reality

Test your knowledge of these anachronisms in movies and TV series

“In movies, the clothes often make the monk”writes Julien Magalhães in his book Erratum (Hoëbeke, 2022). “It is often crafted in such a way as to communicate the roles and characters of the characters […]. These dramatic requirements relegate to a lesser degree historical veracity, if it exists..

Outfits of Cleopatra, Louis XIV or Spartans… These inconsistencies in costumes in the cinema

Test your historical knowledge and find out if you noticed these anachronisms and inconsistencies in movies and TV series with our general knowledge quiz.

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