game gets destroyed on Steam before release, gamers are angry

One month before its release on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series, Hogwarts Legacy is making headlines in the press, for a variety of reasons. If the game is already at the top of pre-sales at some distributors, the title which takes place in the world of the famous wizard with glasses is also talking about him for less good reasons. And it’s on Steam that it’s happening.

Already first

The year 2023 will be rich in terms of video games after several lean years, due to several factors. First big game to come in the video game sphere: Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacythe next open-world game centered on the Harry Potter universe and whose events will take place long before those depicted in JK Rowling’s books and the 8 film adaptations.

A title extremely awaited by a large part of the community despite many gray areas on its content and available events. This did not prevent the players from preparing from the next February 10 to be able to relive the magic of Hogwarts. The excitement is here: Hogwarts Legacy stands at the first place of the games placed in “Wishlist (wishlist) on Steam.

A call for a massive boycott

Nevertheless, 1 month from its release, the game is marred by several harmful cases. A flurry of recent cancellations of some pre-orders on Xbox One or PS4 has made players jump, Warner wanting to favor sales of new-gen versions before falling back on the old ones, which will be released on April 4.

But the other dark matter still concerns the file JK Rowling, still hated by many because of her comments deemed transphobic and her stance against trans people and the LGBTQI+ cause. And when some learned that the author was going to receive royalties on the sales of the game (as a reminder, JK Rowling indeed received a dividend of 18 million pounds, the equivalent of more than 20 million euros according to the DailyMail), netizens decided to call for a boycott of the title.

NSFW, souls-like

Thus, they directly attacked the game on Steam by exercising a real reviewbombing. This materialized by the affixing of tags intended to destroy the game in order to drive down sales.

In a Reddit post, a user who has it big points out: “Some people have decided to hate the game on Steam by giving it incorrect tags or tags that make the game look ‘bad’, I think it would be nice if we as a community could try to work together to give appropriate tags to the game.”

We are talking here about tags like NSFWto “Not Safe For Work”game with sexual or biased content, which should not be viewed or read by any public, or the mention souls like. This practice is of course prohibited and the community calls on fans and moderators to put the right tags on the game Hogwarts.

The fans are therefore ready to do anything to break the potential success of the game. There is no doubt that even when it is released, the title will be the subject of sabotage campaigns by certain members of the community. Waiting for, the title was also the best-selling on PS5 (Amazon) and also became number 1, one month before its release, best-selling games on Steam. Physical editions are also out of stock in most stores.

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