Gad Elmaleh freewheeling on “TPMP”, his crazy “evening” with a columnist revealed live

What do Gad Elmaleh and Béatrice Rosen have in common? If at first sight, nothing connects them, the two have known each other for a few years. Invited this Thursday, January 19 on the set of TPMP, the 51-year-old comedian who would finally be relocated revealed to have had a funny evening with the pretty blonde when he had fun making anecdotes become for the team of Cyril Hanouna.

“I have a game for you”first launched the one who is a hit with his film Rest a little before indicating: “You are going to tell me if it’s true or not”. First riddle: “One day in my life, Beatrice Rosen chased me after almost a whole day while I was dressed as a clown”. At first glance, everyone thought it was just another joke on the part of Charlotte Casiraghi’s ex, and yet… “She knocked me out with a vase, in my sleep she did weird things to me, I woke up in another dimension in a distant house in a forest. True or false?”he asked.

Gad Elmaleh and his crazy evenings with Béatrice Rosen

Béatrice Rosen did not really leave time to find out if Gad Elmaleh lied or told the truth and immediately answered: “It’s true. It was a very long time ago, in another life”, very amused by this story, without giving details on this famous evening. Subsequently, the duo revealed that they had seen each other another day, at “Los Angeles”. “You had a lease with a mutual friend”she launched before reminding him: “This mutual friend lived with me”. What greatly surprise the actor: “Serious? Wait, but who is it?”he asked troubled.

Fortunately, Béatrice Rosen this time gave more details and specified: “I had a casting the next day, I wanted to get home early, and the suckers, because they didn’t have a car, neither of them, they drove me all over LA to get them back to his hotel. “. “That’s crazy… Can you give me a clue who the person was?”then asked Gad Elmaleh before the columnist resigned: “We can’t say it here”. One more mystery to solve.

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