Free Mobile subscribers chain data consumption records

Free Mobile subscribers chain data consumption records

No limit to the Free Mobile package coupled with a Freebox, new examples have been posted on social networks.

There are many uses for mobile data: streaming, browsing, videoconferencing but also using it as a solution when your fixed internet is not up to standard. And 5G helps!

We report to you last June the spectacular consumption of a subscriber using his Free Mobile plan in modem mode to carry out a complete backup in the cloud. His package had then been used for more than 7TB in 4G. But a new internet is sharing its own experience and simply shattering this record.

It is indeed 12.07 TB that was consumed on this package, as evidenced by the subscriber space of this user. He also claims to have been mostly connected to Xavier Niel’s 5G 3.5 GHz operator to achieve this performance on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. But it did not stop there, since a few days later, another Internet user revealed an even more impressive use of his package with 33.98 TB consumed.

However, these are fairly special cases of use, with average user consumption not exceeding 20 GB on average. 825714g. We have seen more responsible as digital.

As a reminder, it is indeed authorized to use its Free Mobile plan, unlimited or not, in a router or any other device other than a smartphone.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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