Franck Haise: “Monday, Bollaert will be the Hauts-de-France stadium”

Monday, the stadium Bollaert-Delelis should fill up. Not for a match RC Lens this time, but to welcome the poster which will oppose the Flanders amateur club of the US Pays de Cassel to Paris Saint-Germain.

The general manager Lensois Franck Haise will attend the meeting. He is happy to see Bollaert fill in for this meeting and comment:

This is exceptional. The Coupe de France is used for that, so that amateur clubs can experience exceptional adventures, but so can the pros because when you see in the final or at the end, it is also an exceptional adventure. Pays de Cassel is a team from the region that will play against the biggest team in the championship for more than a decade. Only the Coupe de France allows that. Our stadium will become the Hauts-de-France stadium. It is also something magnificent. The enthusiasm is exceptional and for the leaders, players, volunteers, for the staff, it is something that will inevitably remain etched in their memory, regardless of the outcome. I will be there on Monday to encourage the regional club. In football, there is always a chance, sometimes it is greater, sometimes it is negligible, but it exists. »

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