France team – EdF: Giroud dares to attack Deschamps

Author of a great 2022 World Cup in the jersey of the France team, Olivier Giroud still has trouble digesting his premature exit in the final during the defeat against Argentina…

As in 2018, when he was world champion without scoring a single goal, Olivier Giroud’s 2022 World Cup is ambivalent. On the one hand, the 36-year-old striker had some very great moments in Qatar, becoming the top scorer in Les Bleus history thanks to his achievements against Australia, Poland and England. But on the other hand, the AC Milan striker retains a taste of unfinished business from this World Cup. All because of a disappointing finale from all points of view. Already because the France lost his title against Argentina on penalties, but also because Giroud was replaced even before half-time by Didier Deschamps. A rare tactical choice understood by Giroud, even if the Habs had trouble digesting this affront signed Didier Deschamps, especially during a World Cup final.

“I was disappointed and surprised to come out at this point in the final”

“Until the final, it was a very good World Cup. I was disappointed and surprised to come out at this point in the final, I think I understand it was tactical. Going out in the final in the 40th, I had a lot of mixed feelings at that time but I was always behind my teammates. We moved on, I moved on personally. I’m back with Milan, but it still hurts my heart. I want to extend with Milan, I managed to win the hearts of tifosis by bringing back the Scudetto. We are in discussion. If I can finish my career at the highest level here, I will. I want to string together goals and win trophies with Milan. For the France team, I don’t know yet.assured, in the Canal Football Club, Giroud, who does not plan to retire internationally like Lloris or Mandanda.

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