France team – Deschamps abandoned and alone in the world, he lets go

The management of Didier Deschamps at the head of the French team never ceases to irritate some of his former 1998 world champion teammates. This is the case of Emmanuel Petit, who specifies that the coach isolated from others over time.

Didier Deschamps will not have benefited from the successful World Cup of the Blues in Qatar for long. No sooner had his coat of arms been sportingly restored than the coach was attacked in the media. The Benzema case, the excesses of Noel Le Graet, the continuation of his mandate in French team until 2026. Everything is good to attack the man and the technician. His former partners from 1998 are not left out, starting with Christophe Dugarry, a great friend of Zidane, with whom he has been angry for a while. The former Bordeaux striker is not the only one to resent Deschamps.

Deschamps in his Ivory Tower, Petit abandons

This is also the case of Emmanuel Petit. For several weeks and Le Graet’s comments to Zidane, the RMC consultant has been complaining about the attitude of Didier Deschamps. He accused the latter of being too close to the president of the FFF despite the mistakes made by the leader. Then, through his overall behavior as a coach, he would contribute to causing the France 98 group to implode. Finally, in Rothen ignites, Petit went further. Taking advantage of a discussion with Bruno Génésio on the Terrier case, he indicated that Deschamps had not only cut himself off from Ligue 1 players but from all French football, France 1998 included.

I assure you it’s not only with the coaches that he has no relationship. With whom does Didier Deschamps have relations today? In truth, with not much. (With France 98?) We don’t have any either, that’s it. (With Marcel Desailly) it’s possible, I don’t know. But, with us, no, he doesn’t… and it’s mutual. He has no relations with anyone today. Why ? I do not know. (Did he warn of his absence at the France 98 meeting?) No, there are no more contacts, it’s been quite a while already “, he let go bitterly. The former Monegasque did not appreciate the absence of his former captain at the last meeting of the 1998 world champions. To listen to Petit, the images of joy from almost 25 years ago now belong to a bygone past.

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