France Info responds to Cyril Hanouna’s attacks

published on Friday, January 20, 2023 at 12:50 p.m.

The star presenter of TPMP attacked, Monday, January 16, the financing of public broadcasting, visibly shocked by its annual budget. France Info answered him point by point on Thursday January 19.

Five minutes and 52 seconds.

This is the time that Cyril Hanouna used to attack the annual public audiovisual budget head-on in his program Touche Pas à mon Poste (TPMP) on C8, Monday January 16. Three days later, it took half as long for Célyne Baÿt-Darcourt, journalist at France Info, to answer him…

The presenter is telling the truth when he says that France Télévisions, Radio France, Arte, INA, France Médias Monde and TV5 Monde have received 3.8 billion [d’euros] this year from the State, via a fraction of the VAT”begins the journalist of the chronicle “media news”. The latter recalls, however, that this sum is “weaker than that touched by the BBC in Great Britain”, and that it is “half of what perceives German public broadcasting”.

The France Info journalist then explains that this money is used to “verify the information, choose the guests well, bring contradictions, or even go into the field”to “contrary to what happens on the set of TPMP”.

And to the argument that France Télévisions and Radio France “did not help a single person”France Info replies: “He must not have heard of the Telethon”who, for 36 years, “funds research into genetic diseases” and collected 78 million euros in its last edition.

This new salvo from Cyril Hanouna reacted to the president of Radio France. Sibyle Veil tweeted on Tuesday, January 17, calling the show a “society of stress relief”. On the side of France Télévisions, the president Delphine Ernotte, finds that he went “a bit too far”.

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