Football Nice – Nice and the INEOS scam, Di Meco accuses

On Tuesday, INEOS announced that it is officially positioning itself as a candidate for the takeover of Manchester United. Enough to make OGC Nice fear a disengagement of its shareholder in the coming months. It is a betrayal for Nice supporters, according to Eric Di Meco.

The end of the English dream for theOGC Nice ? Bought by chemical giant INEOS and its billionaire Jim Ratcliffe in August 2019, the Riviera club hoped to become a top club very quickly. However, nearly four years later, the Aiglons are slow to assert themselves on the national scene. They certainly experienced the European Cup and a French Cup final, but they did not play for the title or even a place in the Champions League. Their wealthy shareholder takes time before investing his fortune in Nice. The explanation for this cautious behavior may have come on Tuesday evening. Indeed, Jim Ratcliffe is officially a candidate for the takeover of Manchester United.

Nice, turkey of the farce of Ratcliffe’s ambitions

Taking control of a club as important as Manchester United is in total contradiction with the desire to develop OGC Nice. The Red Devils are one of the biggest and most expensive clubs in the world. Investing there very clearly threatens the ambitions of Nice. Eric Di Meco goes even further, it is a huge lack of respect for the supporters of the OGCN. The RMC consultant cannot accept to see Ratcliffe and INEOS putting in crazy sums for Manchester United when they did not want to let go of the money necessary to make a top team in Nice.

Well yes, they got the people of Nice smoked out unfortunately and not only them, we too! We thought ” VSIt would be great if there was an additional team with a lot of resources. “We believed in it, having a championship with Nice which would titillate PSG, OM with their American, Lyon with theirs too and Pinault who is putting money in Rennes. We got caught like the people of Nice. The shower must be terrible for the people of Nice. They saw themselves getting there. I’m not making fun of Moffi who is a very good player, but does that make the people of Nice dream? Didn’t they dream of big players when Ratcliffe arrived? When you see Moffi arrive and you learn that your main shareholder has an eye on Manchester United. […] There, you say to yourself, we got smoked! “, he dropped in the Super Moscato Show. Nice, simple step for Jim Ratcliffe in the world of football? We can believe it more and more especially as the billionaire has never hidden his admiration for the Red Devils.

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