Football Italy – Ita: Juventus fired from the European cups?

Juventus have appealed the sanction which deprives them of 15 points in Serie A, but lightning could fall on the Italian club from UEFA.

Bianconeri supporters are in shock, since on Friday evening, the Italian authorities formalized a sanction against Juventus for various financial embezzlements. In the end, Massimiliano Allegri’s side lost 15 points in the standings, falling from third place in Serie A in the tenth and seeing his chances of playing the next Champions League reduced to almost nothing. While the anger is great in Turin, where we are scandalized that finally Juventus is the only club sanctioned despite the involvement of other teams in this file, a dark cloud is looming. Because even if the new leaders of Juve have officially appealed this sanction, it is on the side of Switzerland and more precisely the headquarters of UEFA in Nyon that all eyes are on. Because the European football body can now take up the case and strike in turn.

Juventus fears European sanction

The Turin sports daily Tuttosport, who does not hide his anger at the decision of the Italian authorities, thinks that UEFA could now deprive Juventus of a future participation in European cups. For Daniele Galosso, journalist of Tuttosport, there is clearly a risk that Juventus will not be authorized to participate in a future European Cup, whether it is next season if Allegri’s formation snatch a ticket, or the seasons according to if this is not the case. While part of Italy feels that former Juventus officials are responsible and guilty, and there is nothing wrong with this penalty, on the side of Juventus fans it is felt that it is all clearly a plot against their club, which after difficult times had returned to the heights of Serie A. So, seeing UEFA take care of the Juventus case makes them fear a new revenge after the Super League episode, a project supported until at the end by Andrea Agnelli.

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