Family allowances: resource ceilings updated in 2023, which changes

In France, households can rely on several devices, according to their needss. Thus, the oldest receive a pension from the old-age insurance. Similarly, job seekers can receive unemployment benefit. And parents can also benefit from family allowances. This is a boost to meet the needs of children, when necessary. Gold, certain social benefits paid by CAF or MSA require certain criteria to be met. And household income often comes into play. Nevertheless, inflation has led the scales to increase, at the start of 2023.

Inflation, falling purchasing power and rising ceilings

In France, the government is trying toact to limit the impact of inflation, since the summer of 2022. He has thus multiplied the bonuses and exceptional checks to relieve the wallet of the citizens. However, rising prices are rampant across all sectors. And, in these times of precariousness, many people turn to the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales to know their rights.

Indeed, whether it is food or heating, everything costs more. So, for those who have not seen their income increase in recent months, the standard of living can only go down. To try to compensate for this problem, CAF and MSA reviewed the ceilings of the scale of family allowances. Each of them therefore experienced an increase of 1.6%. You will have noticed that we are well situated below the inflation that took place in 2022. This difference is simply explained by the public service website. “It is the categorical net income of 2021 which will be taken into account for 2023. That is to say all income (salaries, income from land and furniture, agricultural profits, etc.) less expenses (alimony , reception costs for the elderly, etc.) and tax allowances (person aged over 65, disabled person, etc.)”

Who can receive family allowances?

Contrary to a widespread misconception, there is no income limit for beneficiaries for this aid. It concerns all households with 2 (or more) dependent children aged under 20. Apart from that, there is no no maximum income making it possible to exclude wealthy families from the system.

However, the ceilings in force in the scale of family allowances make it possible to modulate the amount of assistance, according to the household’s resources. Each family is thus divided into one of its three categories. And this, based on 2021 categorical net incometaken into account in 2023.
“That is to say, all income (salaries, income from land and furniture, agricultural profits, etc.) minus charges (alimony, costs of care for the elderly, etc.) and tax allowances (elderly over 65, disabled person, etc.). »

The beneficiaries are thus divided into 3 tranches according to their resources, which affects the amount of family allowances received. But the level of aid also depends on the number of children and their respective ages. Moreover, this social benefit includes an increase for minors over 14 years old.

Following this revaluation of the ceilings, some households will no doubt change category. Results ? Some families will benefit fromfamily allowances increased in 2023.

Source : Money Vox

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