Falling property prices

Now might be the time to invest Lyons ! According to the latest report from the National Federation of real estatethe French market was very disturbed during the year 2022. In Lyon, it even suffered a drop, as confirmed by the president of the FNAIM of RhonePascal Pancrazio.

From now on, the price per square meter amounts to 4,975 euros on average. In one year, housing in Lyons has therefore suffered a drop of 1.6%. A similar case in Paris or Bordeaux but far from the increase experienced by other cities such as Marseille (+ 6.9%), Lille (+ 6.9%), or Strasbourg (+ 10.2%).

Rise in the Rhône

Like real estate, the sale of old homes has also fallen sharply in the Rhône. In 2022, 27,651 homes were sold compared to 29,339 in 2021, i.e. a significant drop of 5.8%.

However, the sales sector is still on the rise in the Lyon metropolitan area. If prices are falling in town, apartments and houses in the Rhône are becoming more and more expensive. Over the past ten years, prices have increased by 32.2%. Like what living in the city is not so expensive as before.

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