Emmanuelle Galabru fondly remembers her father in “Vivement dimanche”

Emmanuelle Galabru remembers her father’s career with emotion in “Vivement dimanche” on January 22, 2023 Screenshots France 3 (editing)

Seven years after the death of actor Michel Galabru, his daughter, invited by Michel Drucker, pays tribute to him in the Sunday program broadcast on France 3.

A special show. Seven years after his death, Michael Galabru lives on in the minds of the French. That is why Michael Drucker chose to devote the January 22 edition of “Happy Sunday” . The man who wants to be “the memory of this profession” welcomed Emmanuelle Galabru, the actor’s daughter, to her set. “That’s it, it’s starting “articulates the 46-year-old woman as she tries to contain her tears. “If we don’t talk about people anymore, that’s how they really disappear”underlines the daughter of Michel Galabru while thanking the presenter for his action.

The show covers the entirety of actor’s careerits role in The gendarmes of Saint-Tropez to his consecration to the Césars for The Judge and the Assassin. And despite her father’s countless films, Emmanuelle Galabru admits that she rarely went to her shoots. Following this, Michel Drucker asked his guest if it had pleased his father when she told him that she wanted to become an actress. She was first taken with a great burst of laughter then resumed herself to soberly answer: ” no “. “And then one moment there is my daughter too, very small, who says that she wants to be an actress and he answered “Oh that’s it, we’re still in deep shit”. So no, it didn’t make him happy. » But their affection for each other was in no way affected. “Oh I miss them both”confides with a sigh Emmanuelle Galabru in front of a photo of her and his parents.

“It was a pierced pocket”

“My dad was more than humble even too much because he considered himself a second-rate actor. He had no awareness at all of being so loved and rightly loved because he was a loving man so I think the love that shone through from him, people received it and returned it to him as that. And despite his success as an actor, Michael Galabru never rolled on gold. “It was a pierced pocket. You could track him, but it’s his generosity. For him, money had no value “says his daughter before adding:” He was being scammed a lot. I always said that he was very fond of pets, but even more pet scammers”. She then explains that her father had a fascination with con artists because he thought they had a nerve that he admired.

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