Elise Lucet returns to a sequence that scared her in Cash investigation (VIDEO)

This is following a compilation of several videos, where viewers were able to watch the highlights of the journalist fromCorrespondentthat Élise Lucet made some revelations in C Media airing this Sunday, January 22. She notably returned to a sequence of Cash investigation in which she was grabbed by a man who tried to lock her in a room.

In fact, he tried to lock me up because I think he felt attacked. He was the President of the European Leather Union. We had an investigation that was made of reinforced concrete. We had been trying for weeks, even months trying to interview him and he always answered no, no, no, no” she recalled before continuing her story by explaining that she and her team had come across this man who had repeatedly refused their interviews.

We arrive in a building, but really quite impersonal. We didn’t tell ourselves that there was a big union that was in this building, we were wandering through the corridors. All of a sudden, we arrive in front of this door, there was the logo, we weren’t sure it was there, we go inside. He’s trying to pull me inside to lock me up with him. In the images that follow, he has a look that is a little scary“, she confided.

The latest issue of Cash investigation focused on health insurance and fraud by health professionals.



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