Electronic chips to prevent theft of reusable tableware?

The information circulates on social networks for several days already. Reusable tableware, implemented since the beginning of the year in McDonald’s, is it equipped with an electronic device to find potential thieves? In any case, this is what a warning posted on a fast food chain establishment in the Territoire de Belfort indicates. “Our dishes are equipped with microchips geolocation. It is not possible to leave with it. You will explain yourself with the 17 “, is it written on this poster, the photo of which has circulated widely on social networks.

Since January 1, fast food restaurants must use reusable tableware for meals and drinks served at the table, whether they are cups, lids, plates, containers or other cutlery. Very quickly, some McDonald’s customers have started to steal these reusable objectsconsidered “collector’s”.

“It is absolutely not used to geolocate our customers”

If the crockery is indeed equipped with a chip, as can be seen in photos circulating on social networks, in particular on the JeuxVideo.com forum, it is not used to track customers. Benjamin Peri, founder of Pyxo, a company that offers reusable containers and supplies McDo, explained to the Parisian that “this device is only used to know the stocks in real time”.

“We affixed RFID chips to monitor the reuse rate and assess the environmental impact. This is absolutely not used to geolocate our customers,” confirmed McDonald’s. This system has in fact been used for several decades, particularly in the field of logistics. These chips have an operation comparable to that ofa QR Code or a barcode, but have the advantage of being able to be scanned much more quickly.

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