discomfort in the lobby of a large hotel

That’s what’s called a hell of a blunder! In Julien Courbet’s program “It can happen to you” on Monday January 23, the manager of a hotel made an astonishing revelation about Florent Pagny, who had already come to his establishment and whose attire had played tricks on him.

Going incognito, Florent Pagny could do without any problem! This is what he may have been able to achieve on Monday January 23 if he was tuned into the airwaves of M6, watching Julien Courbet’s show, It can happen to you. Between two scam cases to settle, the host took a break to listen to the surprising story of his speaker, the manager of a large hotel in Toulouse. The latter had a very special anecdote about Florent Pagny, whom he did not recognize at all when the singer stayed in the establishment. The fault with his outfit which apparently let believe that he lived in the street…

He had a poncho, he had a cap, he had a dog on the end of a rope. And he was in the airlock of the hotel and it was evening, it was cold. I walk up to the receptionist and say, ‘Look, I don’t know if this gentleman needs anything. Ask him. But in any case we can’t leave him like that in the airlock of the hotel. Ask him what he wants’“, remembered the boss of the hotel.

I was so embarrassed…

Fortunately, his employee had understood that it was Florent Pagny. “The receptionist looks at me and says: ‘But sir, it’s the singer Florent Pagny’“, he reported. An identity that he himself was finally able to confirm when the artist who is slowly recovering from a…

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