Diesel, so good for the planet and against methane!

Towards the rehabilitation of diesel? This is the title of an excellent article published on the site Caradisiac. com here and which comes back to the fact that we had just learned that the diesel engine participated in the fight against global warming. And not at all in the way we thought… And yes Diesel emits particles which come to destroy methane which is 80 times more powerful in greenhouse effect than the poor innocent CO²!

I therefore invite you to read this article to reflect and think about ecology, but also the protection of the environment and become aware of all the dogmatism to which we are subjected.

Also realize that no… not everything is “proven”, not everything is so “sure” and that science is above all doubt!

Finally, to protect the environment, it will probably not be a single solution but a “bouquet” of multiple solutions. Solar electricity, but also thermal, and gas that can also be produced without the help of Russia.

In short, the current policy is just completely delusional and it is this policy that is not reasonable.

Again, common sense will eventually prevail.

In the meantime try not to get screwed.

Charles SANNAT

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